High molecular weight DNA solutions for molecular combing applications

Our DNA Extraction Kit has been designed to be used specifically with the Molecular Combing Platform.

The extraction step facilitates the delivery of highly purified DNA solutions for the combing procedure. The protocol results in high molecular weight DNA (average size: 300 kb), which is an important requirement for successful combing and accurate results.

The DNA Extraction Kit is designed for pelleted cells from either cultured eukaryotic cell lines or purified peripheral blood leukocytes. After embedding cells in an agarose plug, proteins are digested by a proteinase and cell membranes solubilized by a surfactant, under the inhibition of DNase activity. DNA molecules are protected from mechanical stress by the agarose gel matrix. The treated DNA plugs are then available for the preparation of a high molecular weight DNA solution by agarose digestion.

Delivers high quality DNA solutions for Molecular Combing

> Results in solutions of very high molecular weight DNA (average size: 300 kb)

> Designed for pelleted cells from cell cultures or blood samples

> Contains reagents to perform 100 extractions