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The consumables we offer are designed to assist our customers throughout all stages of DNA extraction, molecular combing, and image acquisition prior to performing further analyses.



The FiberPrep® DNA Extraction Kit has been designed to extract and store high molecular weight DNA from cells, blood or purified peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). It is available for 10 or 100 extractions.

Optimized to protect DNA from mechanical shearing during extraction, the FiberPrep® kit makes it possible to obtain long DNA fibers that can be analyzed by molecular combing applications. Among other things, obtaining long fibers allows the study of large genetic rearrangements but also of DNA replication.

Disposable DNA Reservoirs

Disposable DNA Reservoirs

Disposable DNA Reservoirs are packaged in bags of 10 units and are for single use. They allow storage of DNA in solution after extraction by FiberPrep® and have been specifically designed for molecular combing with FiberComb®. Optimized not to interact with DNA and being sterile and free of DNA and DNase, the Reservoirs allow storage of DNA solutions for at least 7 days at 4°C.

Bench Holders

Bench Holders are the supports associated with Disposable DNA Reservoirs to keep them upright. Bench Holders can hold up to 10 Reservoirs.



CombiCoverslips® are glass coverslips identified by a unique number and chemically treated to allow the fixing and stretching of DNA fibers thanks to the FiberComb®.

They have been optimized to form a specific binding with the ends of DNA strands for better combing and to significantly improve the signal-to-noise ratio with negligible background fluorescence.

All batches are subject to rigorous quality controls allowing the reliable analysis of DNA molecules.

Coverslips stickers

Coverslips stickers are accessories associated with CombiCoverslips and FiberVision®S. They allow the CombiCoverslips to be fixed after combing and staining on the glass slides positioned in the FiberVision®S for image acquisition.

Our Products


FiberComb® | FiberVision®S



The Molecular Combing System (MCS) is an automated, patented instrument that stretches single DNA molecules onto vinyl silane treated glass carriers (CombiCoverslips).

The MCS is designed to perform Molecular Combing with a simple and quick procedure, in an optimal and reproducible manner.

As a result, each glass coverslip contains millions of combed DNA molecules ready to be hybridized and directly visualized.



Our automated scanner, developed for Life Science research applications of single DNA molecule analysis, delivers high quality fluorescence imaging :

• A state of the art fluorescence scanner for Molecular Combing
• Flexible and versatile for different applications: up to 9 channels
• 12 slides storage, automatic slide loading
• Automated & quick scan: 60mn per coverslip
• High resolution scanner imaging optics: 0.16 micron/pixel

Products software
Our Products



FiberSmart®, the next generation of analysis software for Replication Combing Assay:
• Provides a deeper view of the replication parameters with automated and fast analysis.
• Supports data from FiberVision® family’s scanners.
• Provides a significant improvement in terms of image reconstruction quality compared to existing software, offering improved resolution of single-molecule DNA structures.
• Has a simple, ergonomic, intuitive, and friendly interface.

FiberSmart® allows:

Fully automated analysis

where the signals are detected and classified according to replication assay patterns.

Comparison of groups of samples

to highlight and quantify the difference between samples.

Visualization of main replication parameters

including IOD/ITD.