Monitoring DNA Replication

The Replication Combing Assay, a unique approach for studying DNA replication in proliferating cancer cells or the cell cycle in any species.

Replicating cells are incubated with fluorescently labeled nucleotides. At specific times during the incubation, samples of cells are removed and their DNA is isolated and subjected to Molecular Combing before undergoing fluorescent probe hybridization and analysis.

The Replication Combing Assay offers an unrivalled capacity to monitor and analyze DNA replication kinetics during normal and abnormal cell division, and has been shown to be the only procedure that can:

The Replication Combing Assay is available as a service (contact Genomic Vision) for the pharmaceutical industry and a research tool for the life sciences.

Outline of Molecular Combing steps for cell cycle monitoring Genomic Vision
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