The Process – Detecting DNA Modifications

Genomic Vision has conceived and developped the Genomic Morse Code (GMC), a sequence specific probe design strategy, to enable rapid and accurate identification of structural sequence changes between a normal (reference) and an abnormal genome.

The Genomics Morse Code is the equivalent of a "bar code" consisting of probes, each designed to recognize a specific DNA region. The DNA sequence to be analysed is labelled with a combination of dashes and dots. Any change in the "bar code" indicates the presence of a rearrangement in that sequence.

Depending on the pattern of the GMC, rearrangements of all kinds can be detected: amplification, deletions, repeat arrays, inversions and translocations. Single or multiple genetic markers or genes can be screened and detected in parallel.

Compared GMC of WT vs abnormal BRCA locus

Using this GMC approach it is possible to cover several megabases in DNA replication studies, or to study rearrangements in multiple regions of the genome.

Outline of Molecular Combing steps for Genetic Analysis Outline of Molecular Combing steps for Genetic Analysis
Genomic Vision
Genomic Vision