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EUROGIN 2019 – International Multidisciplinary HPV Congress

Genomic Vision will be at the EUROGIN 2019 in Monaco from December 4 to December 7.


Come check out our poster #0210 “TOWARDS IDENTIFICATION OF HPV DIAGNOSTIC AND PROGNOSTIC BIOMARKERS USING MACHINE LEARNING ON HPV INTEGRATION CLINICAL DATA OBTAINED BY MOLECULAR COMBING” and learn about our innovative machine learning approach for the identification of new biomarkers fo HPV diagnostics thanks to molecular combing.

Genome Engineering: Frontiers of CRISPR/Cas

Genomic Vision will be at the conference “Genome Engineering: Frontiers of CRIPS/Cas”.

Come check out our poster “Monitoring of CRISPR-Cas9 mediated gene editing events at the BRCA1 locus using molecular combing” !

20th International AEK Cancer Congress

Meet us at 20th International AEK cancer congress. Poster presentation on Replication Combing Assay : the appropriate tool for quantitative replicative

stress response analyses.