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Avoid manual image acquisition and get all the signals in one picture – 1hr scan

Send us your coverslips with combed and labelled DNA and our high-throughput FiberVision® automated scanner will scan the whole surface of the slide in an hour.

The service also allows you to benefit from the FiberStudio ® webapplication to vizualize, categorize and measure low noise combing signals easily and accurately.

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You need to outsource your studies?

You’d like to try the Molecular Combing technology?

You have low volume needs?


From DNA extraction to the scan of combing signals, we take care of everything.

When we’re ready, you can access your results through the securized FiberStudio® webapplication.

If you chose the EasyComb Plus service, we will also provide you with a full report and analysis of your results.

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Outsorce your quality control studies to us:

Check out also our services for Quality Control of Genome Engineering



We put in place a lab of molecular combing experts to provide our customers with different services along the workflow and help researchers to achieve the best results with our technology