After molecular combing, each coverslip contains millions of stretched DNA molecules. The presence of specific genomic sequences can be detected by hybridization with our “Genomic Morse Codes”. For studies of the cell cycle, replicating DNA can be labeled with fluorescent nucleotides prior to combing. We have developed a fully automated scanner and unique software solutions for an easy detection and analysis of these signals.

A leading-edge instrument for high-throughput image acquisition 

The FiberVision® is an automated fluorescence microscope, incorporating the lates generation optics, light source and an automated sample storage and loading module. It acquires high resolution multi-color images of the whole surface of the coverslip with a hands-off workflow in only one hour.

Automated & easy hands-off scanning process

Batching: 160 samples storage
Quick Scan:
60 minutes per slide
High-throughput analysis:
up to 8000 samples/year
Automatic recognition and traceability of samples
with a built-in barcode reader
New generation sCMOS camera
High resolution (0.16 µm/pixel)
90 x 80 x 80 cm
120 kg

A built-in barcode reader facilitates sample processing by identifying barcoded sample cartridges

High-throughput imaging is made possible through batches of up to 160 samples which can be loaded into the system and processed without any operator action. The data are automatically transferred and stored at the workstation or server where the analysis is computed. Once the scan of the sample is completed, the analysis is triggered automatically.