Stretching the genome for direct visualization and analysis




The Molecular Combing System (MCS) is an automated, patented instrument that stretches single DNA molecules onto vinyl silane treated glass carriers (CombiCoverslips).

The MCS is designed to perform Molecular Combing with a simple and quick procedure, in an optimal and reproducible manner.

As a result, each glass coverslip contains millions of combed DNA molecules ready to be hybridized and directly visualized


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Single DNA molecules are permanently attached to a glass surface


 Combing with a constant stretching factor (1 µm ≈ 2 kb)

 DNA molecules sizes are between a few kbp and several Mbp

 Parallel alignment of single DNA molecules

 DNA extremities are not chemically modified








How it works

DNA is extracted and purified from the samples, and the DNA solution is placed in the disposable reservoir of the MCS. Two 22-mm2 CombiCoverslips are clipped to the MCS and rapidly dipped into the reservoir containing the DNA solution. The coverslips are incubated briefly with the DNA solution to allow the DNA to attach to the glass surface at one or both of its extremities.

The CombiCoverslips are then automatically withdrawn at a constant speed (300 μm/s) from the DNA solution, thereby stretching the DNA in a controlled and consistent manner. Stretching is achieved by the  air-liquid meniscus, which results in the extension and parallel alignment of DNA molecules. Each DNA molecule is combed with a constant stretching factor (2 kb/µm), enabling precise and direct measurement along the length of the DNA molecules.