Molecular Combing Platform


State-of-the art tools to address various questions across the whole genome on combed DNA

User-friendly tools for each step of the DNA analysis workflow

From DNA purification to data output, our platform offers a complete, flexible and automated workflow to implement Molecular Combing and the Genomic Morse Code strategy.

picto01   1. Sample preparation – The FiberPrep® DNA Extraction Kit delivers purified DNA solutions for Molecular Combing, resulting in very high molecular weight DNA (median size: 200 kb)
picto02   2. Combing – The automated FiberComb®, Molecular Combing System, stretches single DNA molecules onto a vinyl silane glass surface (coverslips)
  3. Hybridization (FiberProbes®) The combed DNA is hybridized with the combination of fluorescent probes of different colors and size, creating a “MorseCode” specific to the targeted loci
  4. Data Acquisition – Our state-of-the-art FiberVision® scanner acquires high resolution images of the whole surface
of the coverslip with a hands-off workflow in only one hour
  5. Analysis – The dedicated FiberStudio® software detects hybridization signals, analyzes data
to generate easily interpretable results and reporting