Drug Discovery & Personalized Medicine

Molecular Combing in drug discovery – the Replication Combing Assay

Our Replication Combing Assay is a unique approach that tests the efficacy of lead compounds by studying DNA replication in proliferating cancer cells and comparing the modes of action of drug candidates.

Dynamic changes to the genome structure and to the DNA replication program are important determinants of normal and abnormal cell development. To understand these changes and how they vary from cell to cell, single DNA molecules from both normal and abnormal cell populations must be examined and compared.

There are currently only a few genomics-based tools for drug validation and none of them target the kinetics of DNA replication. The Replication Combing Assay has the capacity to both monitor and analyze DNA replication during cell division in normal and pathological cells. By using the test to evaluate the efficacy of anti-cancer molecules and to prevent manifestations of genomic instability, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies will have access to a novel, high-performance approach for the development of new clinically active drugs. The assay enables ineffective drugs to be filtered out at the preclinical stage thereby saving large amounts of money.

Molecular Combing in personalized medicine – the Companion Diagnostic Test

A key step in the new and emerging approach to disease management, known as personalized or individualized medicine, is the use of diagnostic tests that identify the most effective targeted therapy for an individual patient. The overall goal of individualized medicine is to provide the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Genomic Vision is developing a suite of predictive tests that will determine how likely a patient is to respond to a certain drug.

Drug Discovery

The Replication Combing Assay has the potential to be much faster and more precise than traditional non-genomics based approaches such as Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and thymidine incorporation.

“Genomic Vision is proposing something new, not like transcriptional profiling. This assay is highly precise, highly accurate and it is possible to do dedicated experiments.”
Jean-François Deleuze, Scientific Director at the Evry Genetics Center, sanofi aventis

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