A new insight into the structure and function of the genome

From physical mapping of the genome over large regions of interest to spatiotemporal analysis of DNA replication 

Genomic Vision offers a versatile approach to probe the genome and gain insight into the structure and function of targeted areas. The uses of the technology range from physical mapping of DNA over large regions of interests, to dynamic studies of DNA replication. Our technology serves as a valuable complement to other cytogenetic and molecular biology methods.


The Molecular Combing Platform allows the discovery and analysis of new structural variations potentially involved in disease. Hence, the adaptation of the technology to genomic biomarker discovery paves the way to the development of next-generation genetic testing.

Dynamic studies of DNA Replication & Repair

Molecular Combing is a powerful and accurate approach to monitor both spatial and temporal characteristics of DNA replication in a single experiment. On combed DNA, replication can be directly visualized using differential labelling of the replicating DNA with modified nucleotides. We have developed a unique protocol known as the Replication Combing Assay for the analysis of replication profiles on single DNA molecules.

DNA structural analysis for Biomarker Discover

GV’s technology enables the identification of structural variations, at any position within the genome. This includes complex rearrangements, such as inversions and translocations or disruptive insertions. As such, the Genomic Vision’s technology is a valuable tool for biomarker discovery and can accelerate the development of new in vitro diagnostic tests.