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> Maximization of molecular combing’s potential: targeting of the major and accessible Life Sciences Research Tools (LSRT) market

> Opportunity to generate additional revenue

> Synergies between the LSRT and in vitro diagnostics (IVD) markets



Bagneux (France) – Genomic Vision (FR0011799907 – GV), a molecular diagnostics company specializing in the development of diagnostic tests for genetic diseases and cancers based on molecular combing technology, today presents a new strategic development area.


Maximization of molecular combing’s potential on the Life Sciences Research Tools (LSRT) market

Genomic Vision’s initiative naturally arises from the strength of molecular combing technology, which enjoys a longstanding excellent reputation in academic circles and major laboratories. Since its first scientific publications, this innovative combing technology has rapidly spread. Today, it is used by hundreds of laboratories around the world in DNA replication research, but only in an experimental and entirely manual version.


Aaron Bensimon, Co-founder and Chairman of Genomic Vision, comments: “Thanks to the latest developments and considerable improvements undertaken by Genomic Vision in recent years on its combing platform, we are able to provide large laboratories with technological breakthroughs that are essential for their productivity and the quality of their research. The Life Sciences Research Tools (LSRT) market, now represents an amazing growth reservoir that we wish to target, in addition to clinical diagnostics, thanks to a specific offer based on the automated combing platform that we have perfected for diagnostics. A comprehensive tools and consumables offer will enable us to meet, in a simpler way, the requirements of these new clients who are seeking standardized and automated solutions, notably in the key DNA Replication research sector, where it has the potential to become a gold standard. Since we’re enjoying a strong partnership culture thanks to our extensive experience with Quest Diagnostics, we also wish to accelerate our development through strategic collaboration agreements with key players on this market that will contribute to enhancing our product portfolio in new therapeutic areas.”



An opportunity to generate additional revenue with a specific LSRT offer

Simultaneously to its development on the in vitro diagnostics market, Genomic Vision wants to boost its presence on the readily accessible Life Sciences Research Tools market. This segment, with a sales potential estimated to be worth 700 million dollars[1], represents a new value-creation territory with short-, medium- and long-term revenue prospects.


The Company intends to take advantage of its technology’s substantial historical foothold on this market segment by providing research laboratories within biotechnology companies, large pharmaceutical companies and major universities with turnkey solutions enabling them to make full use of molecular combing’s potential in the analysis of large genomic regions (Genomic Morse Code (GMC) “on demand”), in DNA replication and in Gene editing quality control and optimization tools (gene therapy):  


  • GMC on demand: Genomic Vision’s proprietary technology enables genetic anomalies to be detected by targeting genes or specific sequences in the patient’s genome by tagging genetic biomarkers, thus providing clients with an accurate visualization of regions of interest. An example of the deployment of GMC on demand is the recent partnership between Genomic Vision and the Imagine Institute in Paris.


  • DNA replication: observable during cell division, this process allows phenomena such as the abnormal proliferation of cells in cancers to be studied. Today, academic research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies are looking for effective technologies to accurately interpret the replication dynamics. Molecular combing makes it possible to analyze the replication process with high-definition images while providing detailed information about its dynamics.


  • Gene editing quality control and optimization tools: the aim of gene editing is to repair human genomes that are carriers of mutations responsible for illnesses or to improve the genome, for example in the case of gene therapies with the well-publicized Crispr-Cas9 method. Molecular combing offers substantial added value in the control and optimization of these edited genes.


Synergies between the LSRT and IVD markets

With the experience gained from its strategic collaboration with Quest Diagnostics, the American group that is the global leader in laboratory diagnostic services, Genomic Vision also intends to develop its partnership policy on the LSRT market. In 2015, the Company already installed its combing platform at the Imagine Institute, Europe’s largest genetic research and care cluster. These types of partnerships will make it possible to study how structural DNA variations are implicated in new pathologies and will contribute to enhancing Genomic Vision’s genetic test portfolio for the IVD market.



Continuation of the development of the BRCA, HPV, SMA and HNPCC tests

The Company will continue to develop all its portfolio of IVD tests:


[1] For US & 3 EU  (FR, UK, DE) markets; Source: Company


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