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Bagneux (France) – Genomic Vision (FR0011799907 – GV), a molecular diagnostics company specializing in the development of diagnostic tests for genetic diseases and cancers based on molecular combing technology, announces the publication of encouraging results regarding its technology in Nature review’s Scientific Reports: “Molecular Combing of Single DNA Molecules on the 10 Megabase Scale”. The results of this study confirm its substantial potential for research into the human genome and open the way for new applications for molecular combing.


Published by researchers from the Rockefeller Institute, Princeton University, Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul M. Nurse from the Francis Crick Institute and Aaron Bensimon, Co-founder and Chairman of Genomic Vision, this study highlights molecular combing’s considerable potential as a research and discovery tool. Having become a mainstay in the investigation of DNA replication, molecular combing would now make it possible to analyze larger DNA fragments, or even entire chromosomes, of up to 12 Mb in human cells: a significant breakthrough for studying the human genome.


Discovered in 1998 by Aaron Bensimon, Doctor of Molecular Biology, former Head of the Genome Stability Unit at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, “molecular combing” brings an innovative approach to DNA analysis. Based on this technology, the tests developed by Genomic Vision make it possible, in an accurate and targeted manner, to detect complex genetic anomalies responsible for hereditary diseases and cancers thanks to a panoramic view of entire DNA molecules.


“The results of the study published by Nature confirm the power of the approach based on molecular combing in studying DNA replication, and thus validate Genomic Vision’s ongoing efforts to provide the most efficient solutions for analyzing the genome’s structure and dynamics, as well as the most innovative applications for research”, comments Aaron Bensimon, Co-founder and President of Genomic Vision.




Founded in 2004, Genomic Vision is a molecular diagnostics company that specializes in the development of diagnostic tests for genetic diseases and cancers based on molecular combing. Using this innovative technology that allows the direct visualization of individual DNA molecules, Genomic Vision detects quantitative and qualitative variations in the genome that are at the origin of numerous serious pathologies. The Company is developing a solid portfolio of tests that initially target breast and colon cancers. Since 2013, the Company has marketed the CombHelix FSHD test for identifying facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD), a myopathy that is difficult to detect. It is marketed in the United States through a strategic alliance with Quest Diagnostics, the American leader in diagnostic laboratory tests, and in France directly by the Company. Genomic Vision has been listed on Compartment C of Euronext Paris since April 2014.




DNA molecular combing technology significantly improves the structural and functional analysis of DNA molecules. DNA fibers are stretched over glass slides, as if “combed”, and uniformly aligned over the entire surface. It is then possible to identify genetic anomalies by locating specific genes or sequences in the patient’s genome using genetic markers, a technique developed by Genomic Vision and patented under the name Genomic Morse Code. This exploration of the entire genome at high resolution via a simple analysis enables the direct visualization of genetic anomalies that are undetectable by other technologies.
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