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  • Interim results of the HPV clinical trial validate the integration of the oncogenic high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV-HR) as an indicator of the severity of precancerous lesions.


Bagneux (France) – Genomic Vision (Euronext: FR0011799907 – GV),  a company specialized in the development of diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancers and genetic diseases, today announces promising interim results of its clinical trial organized in the Czech Republic for the cervical cancer detection.


Launched in July 2016, the EXPL-HPV-002 study led in two major clinical centers, the Brno Centre for Outpatient Gynaecology and Primary Care (Dr. Vladimír Dvořák, principal investigator of the study) and the Brno University Hospital (Prof. Pavel Ventruba) has for primary end-point to evaluate the integration of HPV virus (Human Papillomavirus) as a diagnostic biomarker of the high-risk precancerous lesions, requiring an appropriate care.


To date, while 300 female patients aged between 25 and 65 years old have already been recruited, the interim analysis with the first 126 patients allows to demonstrate that the integration of 14 HR-HPV detected by molecular combing represents a relevant indicator of the precancerous lesions’ progression and their degree of severity. 


Dr Vladimír Dvořák, Head Physician at the Brno Centre for Outpatient Gynaecology and Primary Care, declared: “These first results demonstrate the suitability of the molecular combing in order to improve the early diagnosis of cervical cancer. The clinical demonstration of the HR-HPV integration as progressive key factor towards the disease highlights a very strong prognostic value.  We look forward to confirming these promising data on the whole cohort of patients.”




Aaron Bensimon, CEO and co-founder of Genomic Vision, concluded: “The HPV infection, at the origin of the cervical cancer in certain cases, is one of the major threats for women’s health.  We know that adapted care through an early diagnosis of the disease significantly increase the life expectancy.  The interim collected data of the EXPL-HPV-002 study are extremely encouraging and need to be replicated in the future on a larger number of patients. The accurate analysis of the final results expected by the end of the year should allow to position our technology as a new standard for premature detection of this cancer, 3rd most wide-spread within female population at the origin of 275.00 deaths a year”.



GENOMIC VISION is a company specialized in the development of diagnostic solutions for the early detection of cancers and serious genetic diseases and tools for life sciences research. Through the DNA Molecular Combing, a strong proprietary technology allowing the identification of genetic abnormalities, GENOMIC VISION supports the R&D productivity of pharmaceutical companies, leaders in the diagnostic industry and research labs.

The Company develops a strong portfolio of diagnostic tests (breast and colorectal cancers, myopathies) and analysis tools (DNA replication, biomarkers discovery, gene editing quality control). Based in Bagneux, near Paris, the Company employs approximately 60 people. GENOMIC VISION is a public company listed on compartment C of Euronext’s regulated market in Paris (Euronext: GV – ISIN: FR0011799907). For further information, please visit



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