FiberComb® Starter Kit 

Start to discover the technique no and get the FiberComb® Molecular Combing System for your lab

Delivered with 10 quality controlled silanized coverslips and

10 disposable DNA reservoirs and

the FiberPrep® DNA extraction kit for 10 extractions


Total Value: 15,620€          

Discounted Price: 7,842€

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Avoid manual image aquisition and get all the signals

in one picture – 1hr scan

New Service Available!

Send us your coverslips with combed and labelled DNA and our high-throughput FiberVision®

automated microscope will scan the whole surface of the slide in an hour. 

Vizualize, Categorize and Measure low noise replication signals easily and accurately
Thanks to our FiberStudio® webapplication


The first 5 scans are offered!

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FiberComb® Premium Kit


Get the full offer with the FiberComb® Molecular Combing System for your lab


including our FiberPrep® DNA extraction kit for high-molecular weight DNA preparation and

2 boxes of 50 coverslips

and 5 packs of 10 reservoirs. 



Total Value: 18,360€          

Discounted Price: 10,340€



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Molecular Combing Demo Kit


Already a Combing User? Try also our disposables for 10 samples!


FiberPrep® DNA extraction kit for 10 extractions

10 silanized coverslips

10 disposable DNA reservoirs


Total Value: 450€          

Discounted Price: 350€



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The FiberPrep® DNA Extraction Kit delivers purified DNA solutions for Molecular Combing, resulting in very high molecular weight DNA (median size: 300 kb)


FiberComb®, Molecular Combing System, stretches single DNA molecules onto a vinyl silane glass surface


CombiCoverslips – custom treated glass carriers for use with the Molecular Combing System. All batches of CombiCoverslips undergo a strict Quality Control to ensure that the DNA is combed consistently and that the technique is reproducible


Disposable DNA Reservoirs are specifically designed to be used with the Molecular Combing System. Made of inert materials that do not interfere with DNA, they can preserve DNA solutions for at least 7 days.