Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, US) adopts Genomic Vision’s platform to develop new drugs in oncology


  • First FiberVision® S scanner installed in the United States, at DFCI
  • GV complete platform to be used by Prof D’Andrea and Prof Chowdhury for ambitious research project
  • Replication Combing Assay chosen to identify new ovarian and pancreatic cancer biomarkers


Bagneux (France) – February 13th, 2020 – GENOMIC VISION (FR0011799907 – GV), a biotechnology company that develops tools and services dedicated to the analysis and control of changes in the genome, today announced that its proprietary molecular combing technology is now being established as routine experimental test at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). DFCI is one of the world-leading research organization in the area of cancer research and new therapy development. From now on, DFCI projects can benefit from the complete strength of GV technology, by using the new FiberVision® S scanner, which complements perfectly the GV Suite already in used for many years.


The two teams of Prof D’Andrea and Prof Chowdhury are going to use the newly installed GV’s platform, including the FiberVision® S imaging scanner, to characterize and select new oncology compounds in ovarian and pancreatic cancer settings. The idea is to discover among multiple sets of DNA Replication data, generated by GV Replication Combing Assay (RCA), a biomarker which could predict drug efficacy. To better discriminate a biomarker and the effect of a drug, GV technology has been considered the best and more suitable option for their scientific investigations.


Prof Alan D’Andrea, Director of the Center for DNA Damage and Repair at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI), stated: “Genomic Vision platform acquisition will enable us to implement the DNA combing technology at a large scale. We have already shown that the Replication Combing Assay is an excellent biomarker for drug efficacy prediction in ovarian cancer. Now we will work on clinical samples and also in different settings. Today, structural genomics and NGS is required but not sufficient to understand complex mechanism involved in cancer progression and especially in resistance, we have seen it with PARP inhibitors. With Genomic Vision’s technology we have not only a precious tool for screening and developing new oncology drugs but also potentially a companion diagnostic that could help the oncologist to choose the best drug for the patients”.


The new benchtop size FiberVision® S is considered as the perfect tool for researchers due to its high flexibility, resolution and extreme precision. Thanks to this automated imaging system and the associated detection software FiberStudio®, both the imaging and analysis time are strongly reduced, allowing researchers to perform high-throughput projects on replication dynamics.


Aaron Bensimon, co-founder and CEO of Genomic Vision commented: “Prof Alan D’Andrea’s vision on personalized medicine immediately thrilled us when we first met in early 2019. As he does, we believe that  mutations identification is not sufficient to know if a patient tumor will respond to a treatment. With our RCA, we can provide the best assay available on the market to obtain key information on DNA replication parameters. This is what is needed today to predict efficacy of drugs impacting cell cycle. We were also glad to provide to Prof D’Andrea and Prof Chowdhury and their teams the first newest platform in the US including the scanner FiberVision®S to secure the achievement of their ambitious project”.



ABOUT GENOMIC VISION                                                                                      

 GENOMIC VISION is a biotechnology company developing products and services dedicated to the analysis (structural and functional) of genome modifications as well as to the quality and safety control of these modifications, in particular in genome editing technologies and biomanufacturing processes. Genomic Vision proprietary tools, based on DNA combing technology and artificial intelligence, provide robust quantitative measurements needed to high confidence characterization of DNA alteration in the genome. These tools are mainly used for monitoring DNA replication in cancerous cell, for early cancer detection and the diagnosis of genetic diseases. Based near Paris, in Bagneux, the Company has approximately 30 employees.


GENOMIC VISION is a publicly listed company in compartment C of Euronext’s regulated market in Paris (Euronext: GV – ISIN: FR0011799907).

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