Company Profile

Genomic Vision is a molecular diagnostics and technology company specialized in the development of single DNA detection tools for research and in vitro diagnostics





Aaron Bensimon

PhD., co-founder, CEO & President

A Doctor of Molecular Biology, he founded Genomic Vision in 2004, before being appointed as CEO of the company in May 2006. He is also its scientific director.



Frédéric Tarbouriech

With over 20 years of professional experience in various financial positions as financial advisor, then within the European leader of clinical diagnostic, Frédéric Tarbouriech joined Genomic Vision in 2017 to manage and finance the development of the business.



Stéphane Altaba

PhD, ESCP, Vice President Corporate Development

Since 2000 Stéphane Altaba has had a significant track record all over the world in deals ranging from early stage licensing compound deals to company acquisitions.



Camille Chypre

PhD, Vice-President R&D

Dr Camille Chypre has over 25 years of international experience in the development of innovative In Vitro Diagnostic tests for European and US market in large companies and start up.



Anne Jacquet 02 011 copie 390 X 540

Anne Jacquet

PharmD, PhD, Director of Biomedical Research

A Doctor of Pharmacy and a former Resident within the Marseille Hospital System, she has a Doctorate in Pharmacology from the University of the Mediterranean.



David Del Bourgo_s

David Del Bourgo

MBA, Director of Sales & Marketing

With degrees from the University of Chicago (MBA, 2006) and the University of Technology of Compiègne (MSc, 1997), David Del Bourgo has training in both management and biomedical engineering. 



Jonathan Hanley

Phd, MBA, Director of Corporate Strategy USA

With over 20 years of international professional experience in biotechnologies and venture capital investment, Jonathan Hanley  joined Genomic Vision as head of R&D alliance management.



Sébastien Barradeau

PhD, Director of Research & Product Development

Sébastien Barradeau received his PhD in genetics and molecular biology from the University of Paris VII and the Institut Pasteur, Paris.



Yamina Ghomchi

PhD, Director of Technology & Innovation
A trained physicist with more than ten years of experience, Yamina Ghomchi is a specialist in complex instrumentation. She joined Genomic Vision as a project manager for R&D Instrumentation, before becoming head of the Technology & Innovation Department.



Ivan Kyrgyzov

PhD, Director of Bioinformatics & IT

Ivan Kyrgyzov, holder of a PhD from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (TELECOM ParisTech), author of several scientific publications and holder of an imaging patent, has developed several innovative projects at companies such as ALTEN and EOS Imaging.