About Us

Company Overview

Genomic Vision is a molecular diagnostics company that combines pioneering Molecular Combing, a proprietary single DNA molecule detection technology, with biomarker discovery to develop and commercialize novel genetic tests and research tools for life sciences.

Genomic Vision’s products focus on DNA analysis and genetic testing in the fields of cancer, rare inherited disorders and pharmacogenomics.

Molecular Combing fulfills an unmet medical and research need by enabling the qualitative and quantitative detection of large scale genome changes that are implicated in pathology and are frequently hidden or inaccurately detected by current technologies.

We develop our innovative products in partnership with a network of well established clinical research labs, diagnostics and instrument manufacturers with the aim of accelerating product launches on international markets.

As a spin-off from the Pasteur Institute (Paris), Genomic Vision began operation in 2006. Since its inception, over €26million has been invested in the company through three rounds of venture capital and industrial financing; and through national and European grants. Genomic Vision’s headquarters and research facilities are located in Bagneux (Paris region), France.

FSHDCombing test™

Genomic Vision’s breakthrough FSHDCombing test™, is poised to radically change the accuracy and speed of Facio-scapulo-humeral muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) diagnosis, one of the most common neuromuscular disorders.

Genomic Vision