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New preliminary data of EXPL-HPV-002 have been presented at EUROGIN 2018, the international multidisciplinary HPV congress in Lisbon, Portugal


Bagneux (France), December 10, 2018 – 7:45 am CET- Genomic Vision (FR0011799907 – GV), company specialized in the development of diagnostic tests for the early detection of cancers and hereditary diseases, and applications for life sciences research, announced today that it has shown new promising preliminary results during Eurogin 2018, the international multidisciplinary HPV congress which took place from December 2 to 5, 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. 


During an oral presentation untitled “EXPL-HPV-002 Association between integration of high-risk HPV genomes, detected by molecular combing, and the severity and/or clinical outcome of cervical lesions”, Florence Mahé, Director of Medical Research of Genomic Vision, revealed new trends from the longitudinal study currently conducted in Czech Republic that show the importance of the HPV integration parameter in the evolution of the patient from low grade to a higher grade of lesions within a 18-month period. 

The data showed that the percentage of patients becoming high grade after 6, 12 or 18 months is more important in the category with a high integration rate of HPV.

Aaron Bensimon, co-founder and CEO of Genomic Vision, declared: “These new preliminary results could place our HPV integration test as a potential biomarker candidate for prognosis of cervical cancer. Then, our test could help clinicians to stratify the risk of progression to high-grade neoplasia and cancer and finally to improve patients care”.



GENOMIC VISION is a company specialized in the development of diagnostic solutions for the early detection of cancers and serious genetic diseases and tools for life sciences research. Through the DNA Molecular Combing, a strong proprietary technology allowing to identify genetic abnormalities, GENOMIC VISION stimulates the R&D productivity of the pharmaceutical companies, the leaders of the diagnostic industry and the research labs.

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