Bring a new perspective to genetic testing

Detection of structural variations involved in hereditary diseases

The Molecular Combing Technology, through an accurate single DNA molecule analysis approach, responds to recurrent challenges in molecular diagnostics, including the detection of large genomic rearrangements and complex structural variations. Genomic Vision provides objective and comprehensive means to genetic diagnostic and offers a new perspective in molecular analysis.




A panoramic view across the whole genome

From physical mapping of DNA over large regions of interests, to dynamic studies of DNA replication

Genomic Vision’s proprietary single DNA analysis technology combines Molecular Combing; isolation and linearization genomic DNA, with a unique targeting and detection strategy, the Genomic Morse Code. Genomic Vision offers a versatile approach to probe the genome and gain insight into the structure and function of targeted areas.





Muscular Distrophy

Genomic Vision’s diagnostic test facilitates the clear and precise identification of the FSHD-specific repeat within its specific genomic environment.

Breast & Ovarian Cancer

Genomic Vision offers a powerful approach for an accurate detection of large genomic rearrangements in both BRCA genes. The BRCA Genomic Morse Code set opens new possibilities for the studies of breast and ovarian cancer predisposition.

Colorectal Cancer

The HNPCC Genomic Morse Code set visualizes the full length of the five genes involved in Lynch Syndrome, including flanking regions.


Our R&D team focuses on the study of large genomic rearrangements and their involvement in cancer and genetic disorders with the aim of developing new assays for biomarker discovery and in vitro diagnostics.


The Molecular Combing Platform

User-friendly tools for each step of the DNA analysis workflow

We pioneered the development of the Molecular Combing Platform based on our direct DNA analysis technology: a set of state-of-the-art tools that facilitates a standardized workflow from DNA extraction to data analysis, while resolving important limitations of other DNA fiber assays.





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Molecular Combing

A proprietary technique to untangle single DNA molecules for direct visualization and analysis

Molecular Combing is a user-friendly procedure for the stretching and assembly of millions of large DNA fragments. The DNA is attached and “combed” on a specially-treated glass surface using an automated process.

Genomic Morse Code

A unique language for a clear understanding of DNA modifications

We have developed a unique proprietary detection strategy called the Genomic Morse Code (GMC) for comprehensive analysis and physical mapping of target regions on stretched DNA.